Louis Dunford – London’s Requiem


Like most metropolis’s in the world London is often viewed with rose tinted glasses by the outside public, the tall buildings, cultural feats and thriving arts scene has made it a place the majority of people pine to go to in England. However underneath all the flickering lights and vibrant cityscape there’s a myriad of issues that plague the city but none more prevalent than the knife crime epidemic that has lead to countless more issues rising in the city. From drug addictions, alcoholism, a social divide and a general lack of apathy has lead to many people struggling to find their way in the city and learning that this city is, as Louis Dunford poignantly croons, burning down once again.

London’s Requiem is a mournful ode to the city that dissects the dark underbelly the city possesses yet is rarely discussed within pop ballads like Dunford as written here. The track was produced by Jakwob with the somber piano melodies building an intimate atmosphere before the strings come into play to allow the raw unadulterated emotion to rise even further to the point where you’ll be reaching for the tissues as Dunford’s hauntingly morose vocals deliver the poignant lyricisms. A strong debut from what looks to be an extremely talent songwriter.

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