Elliot Kerbel – Currently

Throughout 2020 so far Elliot Kerbel has slowly been developing his bedroom pop sound with his debut single CANWEJUST showing a lot of promise from this young musician before the Dallas based musician delivered his sophomore single Sidelines that built upon this further. His sound has been growing more and more in confidence with his heartfelt storytelling mixed with his candid nature and sprightly production showing that there was an undeniable talent there and he recently struck pure gold with the release of his latest single Currently.

This is a track that would hit number one if it was performed by an already established musician with Kerbel’s knack for crafting majestically intoxicating melodies that melt together with the somber timber of his vocal that allows the lyrics to take flight. The soundscape of tender guitar riffs, atmospheric synth beats and subtle harmonies is a divine listen that makes you slowly lose yourself within his sound as he weaves a tale that makes you feel like you’re watching a cinematic classic.

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