The Dawn of MAY – New York, I Loved You First

There’s a grand sense of elegance that comes to me every single time I listen to a The Dawn of MAY track with her soul-stirring vocal that passionately evokes the emotion behind her poetic introspective lyricisms sending shivers down my spine every single time. She takes you by the hand and shepherds you into her hauntingly beautiful soundscape with her humble vocal being your narrator. Like an Edgar Allen Poe poem come to life, that is the best way to describe her music.

Today she laments about leaving the self proclaimed artists haven New York in New York, I Loved You First, celebrating the triumphant moments that make the city feels so magical to the outside world whilst simultaneously reconciling with the anguish that came from the failures she went through along the way. It’s a city of two sides and MAY showcases that in her necromantic sound but also takes influence from music legends of the city like Sinatra, Warhol and Basquiat to name a few.

This is a loving ode to the dizzying highs and crushing lows the city of dreams gives to all who reside within it. Gorgeous stuff once again.

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