Amy Allen – Heaven

The more music that Amy Allen releases the more fascinated and enthralled by her sound I become. At the heart of all her music is the candid lyricisms mixed with a poetic sensibility that makes her music so captivating but she’s able to change her soundscape so effortlessly to accommodate for these lyrics that each track she offers has something so uniquely different about it each time. Today we get her most emotionally raw sound as well as her most personal track yet in Heaven.

This is one of those tracks that is hard not to get emotional over if you’ve lost someone. Allen’s poignant lyrics have such emotional impact to them with her tender yet evocative vocal making them feel all the more raw and real to the point where I find myself reminiscing over friends I’ve lost in the past. The somber production only helps amplify all of this further until I find myself reaching for the tissues.

Allen wrote the track early last year after losing two family members to addiction and with the track coming out during National Recovery Month she’s been encouraging people to donate to the three organisations listed below with links attached to them:
To Write Love on Her Arms
• Friends of Earth

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