A month or so ago we had the pure honour of premiering the debut track of the New Jersey based creative collective KIDSNOT$AINTS. who’s scintillating R&B sound had us captivated from the very second it started to the very second it ended. We were amazed and incredibly excited to see what else this collective was capable of creating and, as we expected, they’ve hit it out of the park once again with their sophomore single titled Company.

Speaking about the track, Josh from the collective had this to say, “‘Company’ is a catchy, indie-pop track about reminiscing on the lost days of a dying relationship while acknowledging the beauties of being with someone new and trying to be a better person in this new relationship. Creamy guitars with glimmering pads create a lush atmosphere for the thick, rich sounding drums and bass to accent. A sweet melody delivered by airy vocals sings: ‘She’s so hard to please but you make sense to me’ encapsulates this bittersweet, optimistic track that KIDSNOT$AINTS. hopes many can relate to.”

That quote pretty much summed up the entire track, it’s a bittersweet yet optimistic affair that allows their lyrical prowess with the story of this unforgettable relationship feeling like it’s being played on the silver screen as you sit back and let the melodies take a hold of you. It’s ladened with nostalgia as the airy vocals gently float above it all and send you into a state of pure bliss effortlessly. This collective has something special in their music and I am fully here for every second of it.


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