Dava – Papercut

Rising artist Dava over the past year or so has become none for her genre bending soundscape with her effortlessly flicking between different types of music. She goes from woozy R&B tracks like Right Time that showcased her honey drizzled vocals, Hip Hop influenced tracks like ASOS that saw her gain critical acclaim or like today with the release of her intimate alternative pop track titled Papercut that shows this exciting artist at her most intimate and personal yet.

A delicate guitar plucking pattern is what leads the production that allows the undeniably smooth vocals of Dava to dance delicately across it all as subtle vocal harmonies and drum beats begin to back her up. However the highlight of this track for me are the lyrics, the concept for using a paper cut as a reference to heartbreak is brilliant because when you get them at first they hurt like hell but pain quickly subsides. When a relationship ends the first few moments are the worst but as time goes on it becomes a distant memory and it’s utterly outstanding lyricisms from Dava here that have me openly applauding her brilliance. Top quality stuff from an artist who we have no doubt will become a global star.

Dava ยท Papercut

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