kmoe – Iced Tea


At 16 years of age the young musician kmoe, Kale Itkonen, is already emerging as one of the most exciting and innovative artists coming out of Generation Z. He fits perfectly in the hyper pop genre but adds his own personal flair to the sound in a way that not many artists have before with his previous single Fumes being an explosive and bombastic number that showed off only a small portion of his sonic universe. It’s easy to see why Laura Les of 100 Gecs, Brakence, Curtis Waters and Glaive all have praised him so highly.

His latest track Iced Tea is a wonderful piece of music with it opening with this chilled out jazz influenced piano before the other elements of the production begin to make an appearance with the rhythmic percussion and a stunning trumpet section propelling the sound into new territories that has gotten me extremely excited. It’s a jubilant song that has no deep meaning or hidden deep lyrics, it’s just a wonderfully happy-go-lucky song about his favourite drink that will effortlessly put a smile on your face and, in all honesty, it’s exactly what we all need right now.

kmoe ยท iced tea

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