Serena Isioma – Blue Sky


I hadn’t heard of Serena Isioma until today and I have a very close friend to thank for sharing her music with me because I am distraught that I’ve been missing out on the glory that she offers for so long. Her music is absolutely outstanding and completely out of this world, she takes you through the whole spectrum of human emotion through her ever expanding and shifting sound that I’ve become hooked on. If you haven’t heard of her yet do yourself a favour and dive head first into her discography for a sonic experience unlike any other right now.

However today we’re going to be discussing the sonic and aesthetic beauty that comes from her latest release Blue Sky. For starters her voice is breathtakingly gorgeous as she passionately delivers these compelling lyrics but it’s the production in this number that I cannot get enough of. It’s ever evolving as it shifts between different styles to create an intriguing soundscape that will have you continually asking what’s going to happen next. Stellar stuff from an artist we’re excited to see more from.

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