Sofia Valdés – Little Did I Know


Panama musician Sofia Valdés has a timeless sound to her music, you just have to listen to her debut single Little Did I Know to understand what I mean. The track features a range of influences from the 1960’s era of Motown, 70’s soul and even some folk rock lyrical takes that has me thinking of the legendary act Fleetwood Mac, her vocal is even reminiscent of Stevie Nicks during that golden era of the band too.

Speaking about the track Valdés had this to say, “This song means looking back at something that was super toxic — once you’re out of it and realise how lucky you are to not be in that situation anymore.”

It’s subtle empowering anthem that doesn’t go for big flashy guitar solos or synths, no it remains simple in it’s production with only a delicate guitar melody and a tender percussion providing the backing for her celestial vocal to soar gently above it all as she sings these self loving lyrics. This debut shows a lot of promise in this young artist and we’re quite excited to see what she has planned next.

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