Emma Rena – Roxanne

If you haven’t heard of Emma Rena yet then treat yourself today and begin listening to her music as she is slowly becoming one of the most promising artists around right now. Her vocal is unmistakable, if one of her tracks came on the radio you’d instantly be able to recognise that it’s her and when you combine that with the fact she’s able to consistently write spellbinding pieces of music that have left me and her fans utterly speechless and today is no exception to that.

Roxanne is a gorgeous offering with an intimate production allowing Rena’s vocals to truly shine as they evoke so much passion through her poignant lyricisms that a wave of emotion just come cascading down upon you during every moment of the piece. It’s just a magical piece that has something undeniably special to it that demonstrates the mesmerising talent that Rena has and how she is destined for greatness. If you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to her music then do yourself a favour a dive into her gorgeous soundscape today.

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