Teddy Failure – Change


Teddy Failure is the a music project from the Swedish duo Teodor Runsiö and Frans Torell who’ve come together to create music about the transition from adolescence to adulthood. I’m a huge fan of the coming of age movie genre of soundtracks and how they manages to capture the spirit of youth and growing up all in one gorgeous swoop and this duo have managed to express this sound perfectly in their debut single titled Change.

The track captures everything that comes with adolescence, the feelings of love surfacing in ways you didn’t think were possible, the dull part-time jobs with the small joys that come with them, the acts of rebellion we all experience and the small moments of bliss. Everything that helps define us during our youth is showcase in both the track and the music video alongside it and soon you’ll find yourself remembering defining moments of your own youth through this track.

If you’re a fan of the movie Boyhood then you’ll see how this song manages to capture youth the same way Hero by Family of the Year managed to for that film. This defining time in our life is capture effortlessly in this piece and this duo look like they’re going to create something rather special.

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