Andrew Huang – Sparkle Mountain

Hyper Pop is a very popular genre right now with there being countless debates going on within the music industry about it and the effect it is currently having on the underground scene. It’s a genre that is pushing the norms of what pop music can do sonically and the Canadian musician Andrew Huang is a prime example of this with his vibrantly explosive brand of hyper pop in his latest single Sparkle Mountain being quite an addictive affair.

It’s a bombastic piece of music with punchy electronic flourishes, hard-hitting synth and general bubbly feel that makes this whole piece feel like a vibrant explosion of colour in the best way possible. The track is just a joyous and jubilant offering that will have your head bopping along to the melodies in no time at all and smiling from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat from start to finish. Wonderful stuff from this musician.

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