Lexi Whatever – If You Call The Woman The Woman Comes

Friday, August 12, 2022

A couple of months ago we heard Lexi Whatever’s enthralling sound through her track Saddest Bunch where she managed to capture both the euphoria inducing highs of life as well as the earth shattering lows through every single note of her encapsulating sound. It’s safe to say we were hooked on her music with her sad but sweet, furious but funny sound that perfectly captures the wide spectrum of human emotion effortlessly.

Today she’s released her debut album titled If You Call The Woman The Woman Comes and, as expected, it’s a thrilling affair filled with raw passionate emotion, highs that will make you feel like you’re floating through the sky, poetic lyricisms and a timeless sound that would have Janis Joplin jealous. I think the artist herself described it best, “RAW & HONESTLY A HOT LIL MESS,” and that’s exactly what we love about the whole piece.

It’s an unwaveringly honest project that manages to capture the whole human experience in 30 minutes. You feel the love in tracks like My Head before 12 Days in Helsinki (Then France) sends tears cascading down your face in an intimate wave of emotion and then quirkily magical Bjork styled tracks like Oh, The Ring. Each song has their own special aura surrounding them but all still manage to feel like they belong together in this euphonic setting she’s hand crafted from the closet of her bedroom.

Personal highlights include The Saddest Bunch which is still one of the finest releases I’ve had the pleasures of listening to in 2020 so far, the somber piano affair Call On which has the undying emotional passion of Lana Del Rey in her ballads and In-between Machine that is just an explosion of vibrant colour in the best way imaginable. I’d also like to give a special shout-out to Rappin’ which is a expertly executed track that with how it’s built and delivered, genuinely outstanding stuff there.

I mentioned previously that Lexi Whatever’s music is perfect for a modern day coming of age movie and honestly her debut LP needed to be the soundtrack for one. She just has that something special to her music that is so relatable, carefree, rebellious and captivating that it’s hard not to listen to one of her tracks and not feel something. We cannot recommend listening to her music enough, it’s a sonic pleasure for all to experience.

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