Matt Ryder – Not The Same


Growing up in the modern era is a lot different to the time when I was growing up, technology has advanced and now, because of social media, almost everyone can see what’s going in your life with every personal crossroad you experience being witnessed by hundreds of people. It’s attempting to find privacy in an interconnected world that Birmingham based musician Matt Ryder croons about in his latest release Not The Same as he details growing up in the technological era.

I felt like I was constantly overthinking everything I was doing and saying, even the thoughts I had I would overthink,” Matt explains. Channeling this frustration into his writing he adds that, “it was encouraged by the teenage society I was involved with. You can never really have a private life when you’re young.

Ryder’s brand of nuanced electronica allows for his evocative vocals to come to the forefront of the track making his poetic lyricisms feel all that more personal with the lyric, “falling in love with somebody, is not like it used to be,” being my personal favourite. There’s an earnest quality to all of his music that makes every thing feel so real, you never doubt what he is singing and the emotional qualities of his music shines as a result of this. He’s a young songwriter who shows the potential to become a commanding force in this industry.

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