DC – Tears, Sweat, Blood


For years now the South London underground rap scene has been producing some of the best upcoming rap artists around right now, but one of them who stands out amongst the crowd and has continuously come out with unapologetic pieces of music that represent what the UK music scene has to offer has been DC. His previously release Neighbourhood was lyrical storytelling at it’s finest with him showing a vulnerable side to himself that is rarely seen in the rap scene and today he’s only building on all of that with the release of Tears, Sweat, Blood which he talks about below:

Tears, Sweat, Blood, is a song that’s inspired by the overall grind and being on the end. Regardless of what goes on in our lives we still gotta keep focused on our goals and put everything into whatever we want to do. This ones another reflective one for me as I talk on some of the moments and situations I’ve been in and the effects it has had one ‘In the field all day but still man pray cos my soul needs healing, still tryna ghost these demons.’ The video builds on the creative elements me and LX introduced in Neighbourhood where fans where able to catch onto the double meaning from that Neighbourhood, like The Wire and orange couch reference. In TSB I really wanted to represent the elements of our community that are quite damaged and the positives that are still come from there by performing behind broken glass.” 

Lyrically DC is on another level with his uncompromising wordplay underpinned by priorities from a higher moral ground, delineates a different take on tried and tested narratives and cliches. The laidback production of subtle piano melodies, and looping somber beats only enhances the lyrics further, making the impactful visceral nature of them hit even harder than before. It’s a unique take on the British rap scene with a fresh twist to the output we usually see from this nation and honestly, it’s out of this world good. If you haven’t heard of DC yet we highly recommend diving into his discography, it’s filled with nothing but brilliance.

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