DBMK – Refrigerator

When an artists makes a song it’s meant to make you feel something, it’s meant to invite you into their world where you feel like you’re witnessing the story first hand as the lyrics slowly manifest themselves into your life and you soon find those experiences they’ve sung about actually relate to you. The Florida duo DBMK have always managed to do that with their genre bending sound where there expertly crafted lyricisms have taken me by the hand on a journey that words cannot explain, they just have something in their music that is inherently special.

Refrigerator is their latest single that takes the brassy trumpets of Jazz, the poetic lyricisms of Hip Hop, dynamic hooks of pop and a lush R&B flair that just elevates their music to the next level. They manage to take the old wave and new wave and join them together in perfect harmony in their sound unlike anyone else around right now, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone else who’s doing a fraction of what they’re doing right now. They just make music that makes you feel something and, honestly, that’s all we could ever really want.

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