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With most artist collaborations you just get that one off and then nothing after it, but Stockholm artist Naah and C.Gold have decided to go a step further by releasing a collaborative EP together. Well all I can say is that after one listen to their latest single Wake Up I am all for it if it means we get more of their sound that is like this fascinating fusion of modern dance music infused with the flair of classic disco. Also the cover art for this single is simply divine!

‘’Wake Up was written a day in our studio together with David Kjellstrand,” Naah explained to us via an email about the process of creating this single. “If you listen closely you can hear all our voices in the track. I like that David and C. Gold’s voices are a part of the sound-landscape, I think that makes the beat quite unique. Creating electronic music is lots of fun when you make the sounds from scratch, it often turns out to be something you haven’t heard before.”

This is a song that I would not hesitate to play at my next party because it has this enticing synth melody with a slight funk edge to it that gets my head bopping along to the melody in a matter of seconds. Then you’ve got Naah’s vocal that has managed to infuse that irresistible hook into my head ever since I first heard the track, albeit it’s probably a good thing that at 6AM I’m going around singing about how I need to wake up. This song just has something so incredibly inviting about it and if you’re in the mood to smile whilst dancing a long infectious melody then this is the single for you.


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