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Belgian producer Polar Youth is known for releasing intoxicatingly good pieces of hip hop and trap influenced electronic music that have, in turn, made herself a well sought after artist with her collaborating with DJ Fresh and releasing music with Majestic Casual. However today she’s collaborated with the South Korean-American artist Sanstaa to create the irresistible Faded.

“I sent him a few demos and one of those was Faded,” she remembers the process of creating her latest single. “It took him a week to send his lyrics but almost 2 years for the track to become the idea I had in mind. I think I have 10 different versions of it! I’m so happy with the result; it fits perfectly with his voice and with my EP.”

The production, as expected, is lush with the soundscape being comprised of these slick beats feeling like they’ve come straight out a Kanye track and synths that add to this atmospheric nature of the track. Sanstaa’s vocals ooze smooth charisma, perfectly complimenting that spacey soundscape Polar Youth has created, and his charming lyrics about that wonderful person in your life who manages to make all your problems disappear add to that melodic nature of the track. The two artists have come together and managed to showcase the best of both of their musical styles to create a harmonious piece of music that is a must listen.


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