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Made Records have previously given us the pop powerhouses of Sigrid and AURORA so it was a real grand occasion a few weeks ago when the label released the debut single of newcomer Moyka. The Norwegian artist had a dark brooding sound with swirling electronic melodies that were reminiscent of the Scandi-pop legend Robyn. There’s no other way of describing her music other than supreme pop and her latest single is further proof of that.

Bones is fresh and hits you immediately with a pulsating synths that belong in a club before diving into the divine verses with her vocal gliding over the dance pop oriented production before breaking out into this exhilarating chorus that is simply heavenly. One of the highlights of this track is that it grows on you with every listen, I started out liking it but on my third listen I was in love with it and even after that I’ve found myself growing more and more fond of this magnetising track. We’re seeing the birth of a blossoming artist here who looks like she could soon follow in the label’s queens and soon find herself showing off her star power on a global scale.

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