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Disco was thriving in the past but Oscar Scheller is bringing it back into the future with his 80’s disco bop Interstellar Disco, featuring PAWWS, that makes sitting still seem like a near impossible feat. However that is not really surprising considering Scheller is known for creating tasty grooves and enticing melodies that make his music intoxicating to hear and easy to dance along with.

The production of this track is interstellar, if you’ll pardon the pun, with the retro synths creating an infectious atmosphere that makes this track a stadium anthem that would have that audience exploding into a ecstatic dance party. The vocals have this quirky dynamic between them with the deep vocal Scheller melting perfectly with the more airy vocal of PAWWS despite the stark contrast between them. It might be the start of the week but this track has the power to transport you to Saturday night in the middle of a club where the euphoria has swept of me and a fun night has begun.


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