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If you’re looking for a track that you can play at your next party then look no further than Johan’s latest single. After one listen to this track I could already feel the smoke filling the room with the strobe lights going around the room and a throbbing bass creating tremors throughout my body. However Smile Like An Idiot does have an underlying message over the pulsating production.

The tracks lyrics tells you a story in a way that makes it feel like it’s your friend coming to you after a night out and is telling you about all of their adventures and mistakes they made along the way. It’s got that earnest quality that does, ironically, make you smile like an idiot because we’ve all made errors like Johan expresses throughout the track and sometimes during those moments you’ve just got to smile and laugh about it. You’ve also got the ear worm of a chorus that I’ve been cautiously singing under my breath throughout the whole day. The track pretty much has everything you could want in a good piece of alternative pop, so what’s not to love about it?


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