One of the most exciting pop artists of the modern era right now has to be Cyn who’s well crafted and elegant pop songs have this magnetising quality to them that just draws you in from the first note. The 26 year old has managed to not only show off her vocal but her songwriting chops with her songs bouncing between soft spoken ballads, rock themed anthems and, in her latest single Holy Roller, a pining track about being completely and utterly devoted to someone.

Holy Roller is about sacred dedication and blind faith in someone,” she explains the meaning behind her track to us. “Although the lyrics are quite bold, I believe there is a marked adolescence present in the song. To me, the lyrics reveal the aftermath of a party from the night before but still remain serious in their declaration of a cult like devotion. I laughed out loud plenty of times while writing this song, and though I think it has an undeniable sense of quirk, I can hear the absolute climax of a romantic feeling in the chorus melody.”

The best part about this track to me are the playful lyrics that give a tongue in cheek representation of religion within a relationship, “I’ve been feeling higher powers when you lay with me / Like a holy spirit all confused about who it’s supposed to be,” with Cyn’s vocal adding weight to these. Then we’ve got the production that just oozes pop gold with hard hitting synths and luscious guitar melodies that collide together in the chorus to create a climatic moment that feels like the grand finale of a romance movie. This might be Cyn’s best single yet and, if you’ve heard her previous songs, you’ll know how big of a compliment that is.


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