The most mesmerising and captivating singles for me are always the tracks that contain one instrument, a powerful meaning and emotionally enthralling vocal and Sirenety has all of that and more in her latest single. Honestly on first listen I stopped completely what I was doing and melted away in the calming soundscape she’d tirelessly crafted and everything was at peace.

Everything about Cold Water is utterly spellbinding, from the stark yet atmospheric production with only an alluring piano melody and somber beats leading the track along with her the ethereal beauty of her heart stopping vocal. However it’s the subtle details of the track that add that specialness to it, for example that crackling in the background is such a minor detail but it manages to make this track feel all the more intimate and honest. It’s a beautiful touch that gives this track another layer and it’s almost as if she’s given you a tape recording of this song and she’s pouring her soul out to you in the only way she knows how.

Sirenety has this ability to transport you to a whole new world with her hypnotic sound and cascading vocal that I’ve fallen in love with. It has me reaching for the tissues and I’m sure many other will be doing the same because of the beauty of this track.


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