No Frills Twins – Big Heart


As a member of the LGBTQ+ community I am always a fan when artists open up about their sexual identity through their music as these tracks can often be a space of comfort for us. You know the feelings that they’re singing about and in that moment you don’t feel alone, you know other people are thinking and going through the same things you’re experiencing, that’s why I am ecstatic to share No Frills Twins latest self acceptance album Big Heart.

“This song is a big moment for us, not because we’ve been afraid to open up but because it’s taken time to work it all out,” They explain. “To be honest, we’re still figuring ourselves out and that’s what this song celebrates. It makes sense to find yourself and then write a song about who you’ve become, but we wanted to write about being in the middle of that journey… the confusing part. Living in such a fast paced world it can feel unsettling when things aren’t instantaneous.

This has potential to be a future Pride anthem with the infectious melodies being perfect for dancing to whilst being reminiscent of Robyn, the duos signature harmonies soaring throughout and that anthemic hook which I can see thousands of people belting out at the top of their lungs, “I’d rather be bent than ever be straight.” It’s an unapologetic coming of age single unmasking their sexual identity and their journey of finding a comfort zone within it. Dive into this duo’s discography and experience their addictive sound for yourself.

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