Kelaska – Call it What You Want

Connecticut based singer-songwriter Kelaska has one of those sounds that is so familiar yet so unique at the same time with her blending modern indie pop melodies with the nostalgic sonic texture of the 70’s with a subtle country edge through the storytelling. It’s best described as what a jam session between The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac and KT Tunstall would sound like and honestly we’re fully here for that, especially with her latest single Call it What You Want.

The track itself focuses on leaving somebody who you’re fed up with and not caring how they take it, putting yourself first over the comfort of the relationship in question. The storytelling nature of the track makes you feel like a fly on the wall of this story, you can see it unfolding before your very eyes with Kelaska’s raw vocal functioning as our humble narrator and the production comprised of heavy guitars and a looping percussion only enhancing the ferocity of emotion the track possesses. Quite a compelling single and I’m sure there’s more to come this young artist.

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