Nxtime – Future Love

There’s a certain magic that comes from knowing that somewhere out there in the world is your future life partner, you two might not even know that each other exists yet but you’ll one day meet and suddenly the whole course of your life will change. It’s a rather beautiful concept that I’d never really thought of before until I began listening to band Nxtime’s latest lovelorn single titled Future Love which they talk about below:

“The story of our newest song, Future Love, started  about two years ago. I was driving around with my brother and we were having a conversation about relationships (or rather my lack thereof at that time in my life). My brother told me that the love of my life is out there somewhere – right now. This got me thinking – everything that’s going on in my life right now… all the good and bad,all my accomplishments or missteps… literally everything surrounding this time, I’m going to share with her at some point in the future. This made me feel less alone in a way. It gave me a lot of comfort and made me want to seek a person I could be truly vulnerable with. This song is about the bridge between the past and the future that exists in all of our lives. Crossing that bridge with someone else and sharing who each of you were before you met is magic.”

I can see this being played at some weddings in future with the chilled out laidback melodies mixed with the sweet lyrics about this new love and the layered vocals harmonies of the two vocalists that is just divine to hear. The whole piece is undeniably sweet with it being one of those songs that has this innate ability to just make you swoon in a heartbeat with the adorable subject matter is possesses. A modern love song that you’ll want to dive straight into.

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