Florence Arman – Naked

Well I think we have a contender for debut single of the year right here with Florence Arman’s alternative pop track Naked being an utterly delightful affair that demonstrates the large amounts of talent this young artist has in her arsenal. If you had to place her next to any artist it would be with the likes of Maggie Rogers, King Princess and LÈON with her rich pop melodies and emotive candid vocal being quite reminiscent of the trio.

Her debut is a personal piece with it inviting you into her life as she details the painful experience she had by letting someone into her life at an intimate level only for them to leave her without saying a word. A sad story however it’s also a blessing in disguise as it’s managed to allow Arman to show off her breathy emotive vocal, honest lyrics and intimate production that all come together to bring the story to life, almost like it’s Arman herself sitting you down in a room and pouring her heart out to you. A stellar debut from a breathtaking musician.

Must Read