Catchtwentytwo – Won’t Wait Anymore


If you’re an avid viewer of this site then the chances are you know who Catchtwentytwo is as we’ve been avidly sharing and supporting his music ever since we first heard his sound. He’s the definition of a true DIY artist with the majority of his music being produced and created in his bedroom, he even uses every original bedroom musicians dream, the DX7, in his latest single Won’t Wait Anymore to give the synths a retro feel that I utterly love.

The whole track takes the modern day pop sound and fuses with an R&B influence and classic 80’s vibe, honestly that whole track wouldn’t feel too out of place being played in the background of a Stranger Things scene. Best way of describing this sound is that it’s like Daft Punk’s production mixed with the undeniable brooding flair of Billie Eilish, genuinely it’s a stunning affair and when you combine that with the music video you’ve got something that’s both sonically and visually pleasing.

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