Sizzy Rocket – Rollerskating

Sizzy Rocket is known for her bombastic sound that fuses the killer hooks of pop, the heavy guitars of rock and rebellious spirit of punk in one explosive cacophony of brilliance. Today however she’s gone for something a bit different with her latest single Rollerskating being a more tender emotional pop number and is Sizzy Rocket at her most vulnerable. It’s unlike anything she’s ever done before as she explains below:

I’ve never even heard my own voice sound like it does on this record. I’m proud of myself for going there. It’s a new, softer, lighter side of me that I’ve gained access to through writing my new album, and I’m excited to share it with the world.

Whilst the production has a sun soaked indie pop feel the lyrics have a more raw feel to them that is only enhanced further by the honest nature of Sizzy Rocket’s vocal, creating a rather stellar juxtaposition. The softer side we’re seeing here is welcoming to see and is further helping me cement Sizzy Rocket as one of those artists who can do anything in music. You want her to produce a hard rock track? She can do it. A heavy metal track? You bet she can. Emotive pop track? Too easy! She can do it all!

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