Dejima – I’m Going Wild!


I’m Going Wild! opens like you’d expect a film from the early 1970’s, a laidback trumpet section that sends idyllic scenes of a small suburban town running through your mind, then Dejima’s hazy vocal comes in and a wistful nostalgia soon takes over the sonic experience in bliss inducing fashion. Minimalistic yet elegant, the yearning lo-fi production of hazy guitars and fluctuating drums makes you feel like you’re at the bittersweet ending of a coming of age film. Just as our main protagonist enters their car to journey off into the unknown, the distinct vocals calmly reiterate the heartfelt lyrics that make the somber moment of leaving your world behind, feel all the more thrilling. We end on a grand electric guitar solo that captures the freedom of venturing off into the wild perfectly and gives you one hell of a send off in the process.

Dejima does have an act for creating whimsically uplifting that captures the heart of adolescence through a rose tinted lens and takes you on a journey in the process. His debut EP Future Be Bright is like a movie for your mind, featuring little dialogue moments throughout you can create your own Oscar award winning film in your head whilst being wrapped up in the halcyon sonic experience. Dive into his music now, you won’t regret it.

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