mehro – Hideous

A few months ago the LA based artist mehro introduced us all to his introspective sound with his tenderly beautiful debut Perfume. Since then he’s been getting a love from the music community and it’s easy to see why with the poignant lyrics, subtle beauty and intricately crafted melodies of his sound all coming together to create something much bigger than itself. So it was no real surprise that his follow up track Hideous has built on this further and has me fully believe he could take over the world with his sound.

The lush guitar melody leads the production with this ethereal quality that makes you feel as if you’re floating before his melancholy vocals bring you crashing down back to earth with the somber beauty they carry over the untimely end of a relationship. If you’re listening to this for the first time, I highly recommend giving this the love it deserves, turn the lights off, shut the curtains and close your eyes, have no visual stimuli and let his music take you away to somewhere you never thought you could got to.

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