Anna Sofia – Happy For You

We could talk for hours on end about how much we love and dig Anna Sofia’s but tragically there’s not enough space on this one post to do all that. We’ve been following her since her debut track came out all the way back in 2019 and since then the journey she’s been on sonically has been a mesmerising one to behold. We couldn’t be prouder and now today we see her evolve further with her latest piece Happy For You being her most pop orientated track to date.

Whilst this is more poppy than her previous releases it still contains that subtle lo-fi rock edge that first made us fall for her sound as her clear cut vocals pierce through the production in a way that is reminiscent of Lorde’s Melodrama. This young Canadian teenager continually thrives and hasn’t released a bad song yet, she’s smashed it every single time and the more she release the more I sit there and realise that I don’t think she’s actually capable of producing a bad song. Stellar stuff!

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