Baseball Game – See You Tomorrow

When you get a Baseball Game song you know that it’s going to hit you hard as this duo just have a way of crafting beautifully delicate and emotive pieces of music that leaves you reaching for the tissues. Their previous two singles were more fully produced where as See You Tomorrow goes for a more intimate setting with a somber guitar melody leading the production as their soft vocals drift through effortlessly like a leaf in the wind.

“It all started on guitar when Jason played the progression and as soon as he played the diminished chord, it felt like a Baseball Game song,” The duo begin to explain. “The lyrics came to us very quickly as we put words to the feeling we both understood. It’s about how much people’s presence adds to who we are and when those people are no longer around how much we change without them. This song takes place a couple months after losing someone and wondering what it would be like to see them again.”

The poetically poignant lyrics are what make this track with the fragile and tragically beautiful nature of them carrying such emotional weight to them that it feels like you’ve been hit with a freight train of emotion. There’s not a single miss-step on the track, each note, each melody and each word all melt together to create something that has the past and present shaking hands and going their own ways in order for one to find acceptance and peace within.

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