Scree Running – Mirror at the Gym

Scree Running only came out onto the scene early in 2020 but he’s proven himself to be an extremely talented producer, a unique visionary and an a compelling songwriter. The quirkiness of his sound is reminiscent of The 1975 in their instrumental tracks with the glitch like beats and electronic flourishes that create a gorgeous sonic texture for his understated vocals to blend beautifully into. Honestly it is quite a compelling listen.

His latest single Mirror at the Gym is another stellar track to his ever growing collection with the candid lyrics, slick rhythmic beats, ethereal electronic flourishes and an experimental edge that makes this track soar. Combine all that with a millennial whoop hook of do’s that will be stuck in your head for months to come with a subtle R&B flavour to his vocal and you’ve got a track that is a demonstration on where the sound of pop music could go in a few years time. I’m all here for it if we get more tracks like this!

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