Lexi Whatever – Saddest Bunch

If you’re a fan of the soundtrack to coming of age movies like The Perks of Being A Wallflower, Everybody Wants Some and Sing Street then the Santa Monica based musician Lexi Whatever is someone you need to dive into. She manages to capture both the euphoria inducing highs of life as well as the earth shattering lows through a single note of her encapsulating sound. Honestly her music is made for teen movie soundtracks and Saddest Bunch is living proof of this, someone in Hollywood get onto this.

Like her previous release the production is heavily focused on her clever use of piano melodies but slowly the piece begins to build with buoyant drum beats and subtle string sections creating a lush sonic soundscape. She has a sweet tone to her vocal that allows the lyrics to really be brought to life and feel all the more real as a result, combine that with her passionate performance and you’ve got something here that is the making of something rather spectacular. We’ll end with a brief bio which is the perfect description of her sound:

“Lexi Whatever writes songs on her piano in her closet. Sad but sweet, furious but funny, she will make you want to simultaneously eat a tub of mint chip ice cream, tell someone you love them, tell that same someone you hate them, and drive to Yuma to say hello to a man who will probably die soon.”

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