The Ensemble #1

The Ensemble is here to shine a light on artists who you might’ve missed over the past few weeks of music releases. This time we’re diving into some of the stellar releases you might’ve missed this New Music Friday.

Roman Rouge – The Other Me

If you’re a fan of The Weeknd then this Roman Rouge track is going to be right up your street. The main theme of Rouge’s music is always about who we are as people, he basically tackles relatable subjects that effect us all on a daily basis with The Other Me being anthem of self empowerment about being true to who you are, no matter how uncomfortable the situation might be. Brooding synths lead the production with the sweet Michael Jackson styled vocal of Rogue providing a stellar contrast between them both to create a dynamic flow that sets this apart from other R&B numbers out there.

Blanche – Till We Collide

Experimental pop is always something I am fan of an this Till We Collide by Blanche is a perfect example of this with a gorgeously texture sonic sound comprised of carthatic synth melodies reminiscent of Grimes and an ethereal vocal prowess that’s to die for. Nuanced rhythmic beats are scattered throughout along with some classic pop hooks that you’ll want to belt out in no time and when you fuse that with her personal lyricisms you’ll find yourself continuously coming back to this number.

JacobNeverHill x Nora Bart – Lost

A collaboration now from two rising artists from two different countries that is like Oh Wonder and that collaboration between Billie Eilish and Khalid had a musical baby. Lost deals with the subject of not knowing what you want in life but learning that it’s okay to be a little bit lost in this world and it’s effortlessly conveyed through their poignant lyrics that create a deep connection and ethereal vocal harmonies. Something to make you feel more at ease with where you’re going in life and understand that others out there are feeling the exactly the same as you.

James Beau Barclay – Broken

We’ve talked about James Beau Barclay a lot on this site as he’s an artist who’s been able to consistently impress us with his artistry and way to tackle difficult subject matters through his expressive lyrical delivery. In Broken he discusses his deepest and darkest thoughts that came about after his Mother’s passing whilst in the process helping to heal his mental wounds. It’s one of those tracks that hits you hard the first time you listen but hits you even harder the second time round with everything feeling all that more raw and real on the second listen. One for late night crying sessions.

Girl Crush – Three Words

The best way to describe Girl Crush’s sound is a 90’s school prom with the smell of love, heartbreak and teenage fantasies flowing through the air. Which makes sense considering they’ve titled their sound Promcore and honestly it’s an incredibly accurate name for their sound. Laidback 90’s synths lead the production with them having a slow dance quality to them mixed with the softly toned vocals having a wistful quality to them that makes you feel like you’re floating on air. Perfect for that first slow dance of the night with your date.

Denis Coleman – Make Friends

Whilst the digital era has made it so much easier to make friends with social media, online chatrooms and gaming, to name a few, being around but Denis Coleman feels like it’s getting harder to have long lasting friendships in his track Make Friends. It’s something I happen to agree with and the scintillating synth production has provided a perfectly backdrop for this message about the electronic age we live in with the tantalising melodies, slick pop hooks and honest lyrics all coming together to express this message masterfully.

Parrotfish – Higher Love

When it comes to hazy summer basement anthems I don’t think there are many bands that are better at it than the Nashville residing Parrotfish. They managed to blend these warm inviting melodies with a progressive groove and an enticing rhythm that makes it hard to not smile along with their music as it plays. If you’re in a bad mood then this will certainly get your foot tapping and body swaying in no time. Grab a cold one and sit in the sun whilst this plays in the background.

Ruby Red – Desert Star

We end on a chilled out note today with the duo Ruby Red (formed by Daniel Laner and Fernando Fine) and their shimmering electronica sound. There’s a tenderness to this track that sets it apart from others within the genre with the delicate vocal tones floating in-between the supple lo-fi synth melodies gorgeously. Add in some poetically written lyricisms and a lush synth solo midway through the track and you’ve got something that, quite frankly, slaps.

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