ALX – Love On Top

ALX came out with his debut single a month or so ago now and he managed to get a lot of people talking with the amount of personality he injected to his music as well as the gritty tone he has to his vocal. It’s no surprise people are talking about him in all honesty with his sound having this tropical flair but also a more raw appeal that invites you into his world and gets you invested into his sound.

Love On Top continues that trend with his lovelorn vocals floating over the calming yet warm production featuring these slick guitar riffs, buoyant drums and summery melodies that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. That’s the thing I like about ALX’s music though, they all carry a feel good nature to them but they don’t go overboard, it’s something subtle within the melodies that carries through to the vocals and is hard to resist. Get into the feel good summer vibes below.

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