Brijs – Glitra

Chances are you’ve heard of Brijs work before without even realising it with the artist composing music for countless award winning films and TV shows. However today it is his turn to step out the shadows and into the spotlight as he unveils his debut single Glitra, an unapologetic ode to friendship.

It symbolises everything friendship should be with, the idyllic days spent doing nothing at all but somehow managing to have the time of your life, the euphoria inducing adventures that you’ll tell people for years to come and the sheer joy of just creating memories. This track manages to capture that effortlessly with it feeling like it should belong in an art house coming of age movie directed by Greta Gerwig. It tells a story that transports you back to those memories you’ll never forget and makes each moment feel worthwhile.

This is merely a taste of what Brijs has to offer with his debut album of the same name set to drop later this year. It looks to be something quite outstanding and, as the artist himself explains is, “about the pursuit of yourself and your values in your mid-20s. All of the things you hear about coming of age are usually about your teens. That’s still true, but we stay younger for longer now. Your mid-20s is when you start thinking, feeling and living independently. That’s when you really start to grow into adulthood and look at friendship, relationships and ambitions differently.” 

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