Tom Tripp – Flag

Thursday, July 7, 2022


One of the most exciting artists around right now is Tom Tripp who’s music has always been simply intoxicating. He truly defies the usual genre stereotypes and creates his own path that makes every track he releases feel new and innovative compared to any other pieces out there. His EP FLAG demonstrates all of this perfectly whilst documenting his meteoric rise to the top.

The EP kicks things off with Glow which is an immersive piece of R&B that had these addictive somber beats backing Tripp’s emotively honest vocals. It’s got a slow burning quality to it that is reminiscent of the Mo-Town sound, just brought into the modern era, and the atmosphere this single creates is just second to none.

These Days then comes up and is the first time Tripp has written about something he hasn’t personally experienced, often a risky choice when you’re an artist, but the way this is produced and sung makes you believe every word he delivers. “The song is about helping someone that takes you for granted, but being ready to move on at any point,” he explains. Add in the killer music video and this track is a pleasure for both the ears and eyes.

Then we get a bit of funk in the piece that gets your head nodding along the melody and foot tapping along to the beats in a matter of seconds. TAM is different to all the other tracks in this EP with the bass in the production, it’s more something you’d hear in a club than a smooth R&B track and I freaking love it!

Next up we’ve got some melodic rap in the form of Quick with a shifting production that offers this almost lucid feel. The track chronicles Tripp’s story from start to finish, from him being a Nigerian yute blasting So Solid Crew’s 2001 UK classic ‘21 Seconds’, to daydreams of a future spent riding in a Tesla X with fresh Nike SKairs on his feet as a culture-shifting artist. Honestly he can 100% achieve all of that.

We now come to the grand finale Ring which is Tripp reflecting on the bad end of a relationship in which he owns up to his mistakes by admitting he was the bad guy in this scenario. “I was in a very bad mental state last year and it affected everything from my social life, relationships and my music,” Tripp explains. “I would over think everything to a point where I just wouldn’t do anything. I ended a relationship with someone in a bad way and it’s something I still regret, so this song is basically about me admitting my faults and taking responsibility.”

Overall this whole piece showcases everything that makes Tom Tripp one of the most exciting emerging artists around right now. I have no doubt in my mind that in the future that he’ll definitely be riding in that Tesla X he wants.

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