Illicit Ghost – Money


Around a month and a half ago the world was introduced to Illicit Ghost through her debut single Drunk and Alone which was truly refreshing to hear and hauntingly beautiful. Since then we’ve been waiting patiently for new music and we are now happy to premiere her new single which is a cover of an infamous Pink Floyd track that she’s give her own personal spin on.

Money is off of Pink Floyd’s infamous album Dark Side Of The Moon which is an album that Ghost would spend many weekends alone listening to so she could escape the small town drama and gossip, I know the feeling. So you can understand why she wanted to record it and release it as a single, with her being a self confessed loner and the alluring tones of Pink Floyd being her escape to something bigger.

Ghost manages to transform the song and make it her own whilst also paying homage to the original, giving the original artist the respect they deserve. With the dark beats creating a dark atmosphere, unique yet ominous vocal and the production that is absolutely superb, the guitars towards the end are breathtaking to listen to. It really showcases the talent that Ghost holds and how she is able to consistently create music that will leave you with your mouth hanging open.

Money is the perfect way to show people what Ghost is all about. It gives you insight into what is to come without revealing too much and allows us all to become entranced by her mesmerising music.

“So many people are driven by greed today – I try to stay away from people like that at all costs. Life is not about how much money you have, spent, or made…it’s about enriching each other’s lives with kindness, creativity and positivity. I thought about writing my own song about money but didn’t dare attempt it. When it comes to money, no one can say it better than Pink Floyd.” – Illicit Ghost 

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