The Struts – Body Talks ft. Kesha

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Ever since their debut single back in 2014 The Struts have been leading the way in bringing glam rock into the modern era both in sound and their exhilarating live performances. Whilst Kesha, a long time fan of the band, went from being a pop queen to her latest album being heavily influenced by the classic rock sound with even the artwork being reminiscent of old Journey album covers.

Today the two have joined forces for a revamped version of Body Talks creating a new edgy and catchy take on the original track. Both vocalists bounce off each other to create a wonderful dynamic with Kesha and Luke Spiller giving high amounts of sass whilst giving thrilling vocal performances, Kesha’s rock scream is superb and Spiller’s vocal tone is phenomenal.

The video is a surreal one with the two dancing around a yellow and red glitter backdrop with vibrantly coloured props like bananas, skulls and canes whilst the two acts rock out and have an absolute ball in the video. There’s also some suggestive ice cream licking that you can enjoy if you want.

“It’s a song about my favorite activity: boogieing.” – Kesha

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