Always Never – Know This


Toronto based producer and singer duo Always Never always never disappoint us, we apologise for that terrible joke. The duo recently released their self titled debut album, Always Never, that has truly put these boys on the map with The Weeknd for excellent music coming out of Canada. The whole album focuses on parts of the human condition such as relationships that let us down, a lust for others and everything in-between that creates a mesmerising debut.

One track however stood out to us and that was Know This, a dark R&B Soul track with a sinister and lustful vibe that is somewhat reminiscent of The Weeknd but these boys have put their own spin on that sound. Dean’s productions skills are simply exquisite with this track and Patrick’s vocals blend effortlessly with the deep beats creating a fantastic dynamic.

ā€œIā€™d rather make meaningful music for a loss than make hot garbage for a profit.ā€ – Always Never


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