New West – homecoming / in my city

In 2019 New West dropped their debut single Those Eyes and I had the honour of writing a review for it. I said, “It’s a near perfect debut that manages to capture everything beautiful about falling in love,” and it seems many people felt the same with the single blowing up during 2022 and continuing its speeding momentum into 2023 with over 450 million streams. It was a runaway hit, seeing them garner a loyal fanbase who’ve fallen for their honey drizzled vocals and sincere storytelling as if they were two lovers in a Nicholas Sparks novel. Now they’ve dropped a dual single and it continues their already white hot form.

Homecoming and in my city go hand in hand with one another. They’re less two songs from the same artist, and more a continuation of the same ideology with a transitional moment between them both. They’re soaring anthems that make you feel as if you’re flying through the sky, whilst remaining completely grounded within their ideology. The authentic vocal performance breathes life into the lyrics, portraying a heartfelt sincerity that connects with the listener. They grow as singles, slowly progressing to an emotional climax that was meant to be sung from the rooftops, peaking and leaving you spellbound by their talent.

Years have gone by but one thing is always the same, New West always bring the goods.

“These two new songs in our opinion are a perfect pair. They complete each other in a sense, especially lyrically. And though they do sound distinctly different, they complement each other in a way that creates a cohesiveness. Spring into summer in our hometown holds many fond memories for us and we just thought we’d set the soundtrack for the season.”

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