Sam MacPherson – Powerlines

Sam MacPherson is one global hit away from becoming a main stay in the music industry. The artist’s ability to craft a relatable tale through introspective lyrics is something to be marvelled at, serving a necessary truth through a myriad of heartfelt melodies. On top of that he’s an incredibly vulnerable artist, projecting his own insecurities onto his songs so piece of himself is always within his tracks. One listen and you’ll feel like you’ve just met him, listen to a whole EP and you’ll become so close with you’d think he was going to be your best man and your wedding.

Powerlines is a project where each track is MacPherson going through a challenging period in his life. That alone is incredibly brave for an artist, sharing vulnerable snippets of his life can be a terrifying thing, but also extremely liberating and you get that feeling throughout the project. A sense of unwariness mixed with the freedom of having everything out in the open, ranging from tender ballads like First Place to the high flying track Play Dumb. The story telling through the project is immaculate, particularly on the title track Powerlines, but what it does better than any other previous project is show off his musical versatility. This is every aspect of MacPherson as an artist, and it’s one of his best pieces of work to date.

If you like singer songwriters like Joshua Bassett then Sam MacPherson should be right up your ally. Make sure to dive into his discography ASAP.

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