The Book Club – Everything I’m Feeling

The Book Club had a mammoth blow up at the back end of 2022, with their single Pursuit of Happiness going viral on multiple platforms and helping them garner an intense fanbase in the process. The Bristol band went from quietly working under the radar, to having their music featured on a multitude of playlists, radio shows, and music curators gushing about their sound. Reminiscent of an early 80’s coming of age movie, their music is for driving off into the sunset, living your best life, putting the cinematic filter on your image, and living the main character fantasy. It certainly looks like we’ll continue to live through this fantasy too with their latest drop Everything I’m Feeling.

I’d argue that this has swiftly become my favourite single that the duo have dropped. The jangled affair of dreamy melodies mixed with scintillating guitars is filled with unbridle energy. It awakens something deep inside of you, making you want to throw caution to the wind, abandon your work, travel the world, live on the road, and experience what the world has to offer for you. The whimsical nature of the vocalist only adds to this feeling, making the world go from a monotone landscape to one burst with colour in a matter of seconds.

From going viral to this, it’s clear to see that The Book Club have been honing their craft to make one hell of a comeback. If I had to get my local book club to review this single I know exactly what they’d say, ‘listening to this I couldn’t put it down!’

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