Deb Fan – Run My Mind

Deb Fan has graced us with another dreamy and dynamic single that holds your attention with every second. If you’re not familiar with Deb Fan she’s a Hong-Kong raised, and Los Angeles-based artist/producer driven by themes of female empowerment, romantic angst, and finding one’s place in the world. Her music is versatile and extremely captivating I truly can’t stop listening once a track begins. Deb’s latest single “Run My Mind” is the perfect introduction to her overall vibe. 

The production of this song caught my attention immediately, the intro brings a gentle guitar tune soon to be met with a deep drop into a more raw and bass-ridden beat. As we listen the production has perfectly melded with her voice to create electronic twists of Deb’s harmonies and dreamlike tone. The energy that’s created is intense, it’s moody, and almost brings a sense of vulnerability. 

Lyrically the contents of this song are rooted in a past relationship. Deb recounts the first time she realized something was off about the relationship she was in at the time. Capturing a sense of numbness to the situation and the feeling of hurting yourself in an attempt to help someone else. Deb’s music is deeply emotional she has the ability to draw your feelings to the surface. The themes of her work are so strong, she hits you where you may feel vulnerable. Her music is deeply relatable and offers an escape from your present situation. 

I am thrilled to have another track from Deb Fan as she was truly one of my favorite finds last year. I can’t wait to see what 2023 brings in terms of music, visuals, and overall success for her career. There is a handful of amazing music in Deb’s catalog I urge you to find your favorites and share them too!

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