India Thieriot – Montage

Montage manages to masterfully depict the flood of emotions that come with reflecting on the times you have enjoyed in your life that go by too fast, and the track also managed to meet her goal of getting on a Spotify playlist by getting placements on New Music Friday and Fresh Finds in only the second week of the year. 

India Thieriot holds our hand and takes us on a trip down memory lane through her first year living in New York City. Through the upbeat production that carries the emotional weight of reminiscing, and the lush lyrics that build in tempo as the song goes on, we are introduced to the world through the 23 year olds eyes. The feeling of nostalgia has met its match in audio form, and to put the icing on the cake, Montage ends with a few moments of relative silence compared to the rest of the track – similar to how it feels when you get lost in thought, and come back to your senses to realize you became lost in a memory. 

Thieriot said “songwriting is the only way she knows how to process her life experiences” and that is abruptly clear with the visuals she paints in this track. This is a track I didn’t see coming, and certainly one that will find its way higher up in our playlist rotations.

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