Junior Varsity – Cold Blood


Junior Varsity is unlike any other band you have ever heard, and if you ask them, they are also the only band in the world. In general we aim to keep music that is as fresh as possible on A1234, but the quality of their music is worth retrospectively going back to. 

The reason a song like Cold Blood is so important is because it delivers an unabashedly raw array of thoughts throughout its lyrics. Whether it’s moments where a cop pulls one of them over and they get tazed only to say it’s the most they’ve felt in a long time (and that they kind of liked it), or lines about being a deadbeat friend – Cold Blood is refreshingly honest. There is no attempt to put on a front of being an amazing person. This song is purely about expressing moments where they’ve felt they missed the mark, or even when they felt nothing at all. 

Since Cold Blood released, they have put out two EP’s – leaving you with plenty of music to catch up with. To me the most beautiful thing about Junior Varsity is that their catalog is one to live to, not one to live up to, and this song is the perfect introduction to the rest of their music.

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