Lake Blake – Far From Home

The perils of growing up is something we’re all faced with as we transition from adolescence to adulthood. The idea of going from being dependent of members of your family to sort little things out for you, to now being in control of your own life in a way that you’ve never experienced before. Lake Blake has currently been going through this and put those feelings into words, creating a coming of age record that all college kids moving away from home will relate to. Finding the beauty within his own independence and discussing his discombobulated outlook during this turbulent time.

Far From Home (not the Spiderman movie) is a midtempo number with a melancholy undertone that outs the spotlight firmly on Blake’s storytelling. Using the gruff of his vocal with a subtle pop punk undertone, he brings out the fear and anxiety he’s experiencing during the verses, but in the chorus there’s a joyous sensation of a chorus of people singing with him in a show of sweet unity. This could easily be something performed on a college campus with a crowd of people singing that chorus back at Blake in drunken unison with a sense of belonging and joy flowing through them. His name might be Lake Blake but he’s got an oasis of talent in him.

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