Kings Elliot – Butterfly Pen


There’s a bittersweet beauty that surrounds Kings Elliot’s songwriting. She brings out the darkness that we all harbour deep within us and turns it into ethereal pieces of elegant songwriting that soundtracks magical walks through a firefly lit forest. Her heartfelt lyrical endeavours are filled to the brim with passion, letting every word flow off of her tongue with the majesty of a swan as she slowly pierces our heart and lets the darkest parts of ourselves pour out. Cathartic is her music to its very core, the lustral process of experiencing her music is a free therapy session that leaves you teary eyed.

Whilst her entire discography picks and individual life experiences that some people would’ve gone through, Butterfly Pen tackles something everyones has dealt with. The loss of our innocence. During our childhood we view the world with vivid technicolour. Everything is an exciting journey to behold and each new experience is equally as enthralling, but we all reach a point where those experiences slowly fade and the beauty we once admired is now off colour and disfigured. Her poignant lyrics are an ode to that inner child, the one who’s hurt and battered by the world around them and helps heal them with her reaffirming, heart on sleeve narrative. Her saudade music is a sonic experience unlike any other and this track is no exception.

The song I’ve had the longest is ‘Butterfly Pen.’ I was in a really bad place when I wrote it but I knew that it wasn’t going to come out for a while. Now is the time for it. The ‘butterfly pen’ is a metaphor for innocence or naïvété – how you view the world before your first heartbreak, or the divorce of your parents. Once you’ve been hurt like that you can still acknowledge beauty, but you don’t enjoy anything in the same way.”

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